Transfer Station

What is a transfer station? Transfer stations are special public disposal facilities for solid waste and household hazardous wastes. Facilities like the Spokane Regional Solid Waste Disposal Center on Geiger Blvd., and Ramsey Road Transfer Station in Coeur d’ Alene will accept your old motor oils, solvents, paints, and other household waste contaminants at no charge. Be sure to keep items “sealed and labeled” in separate containers (i.e., one for oil, one for paint thinner, paints, etc.).

In Spokane, there are three Waste Transfer Facilities that accept household hazardous materials for FREE.

North County: 22123 Elk-Chattaroy Road
Valley: 3941 North Sullivan Road
West Side: 2900 South Geiger Boulevard

Call the Recycling Hotline at (509) 625-6800 for more information.

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