The key to protecting our drinking water is safe disposal of potentially hazardous materials. In the Spokane area, technical assistance is available, free of charge, to business owners.

Envirostars Certification

The Spokane EnviroStars Program is a voluntary, no cost technical assistance and certification program for small quantity generators of hazardous waste.  EnviroStars certification provides a recognition certificate and decal and promotion in print media as well as community events.

BMPs for Hospital Waste


For Hospitals, the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board worked with  the Washington State Department of Ecology in 2005 to compile an extensive set of Best Management Practices for Hospital Waste.  The appendix of resources was updated in 2011.  A downloadable pdf of the 308 page publication can be accessed by clicking above.

500 Foot Project:  SAJB estimated that 1500 businesses were within 500 feet of a purveyor wellhead or within the Spokane County Aquifer Protection Area. From 2001 to 2006, SAJB developed interlocal agreements with Ecology to provide technical assistance visits to businesses generating hazardous waste within the identified wellhead protection areas.  The Increased Generator Contact (ICG) program sample reports are available by clicking the link above.

Adventures of Aqua Duck

And the Aquifer Protection Team: Otto, Aqua Duck, Mallory and Buck