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The symbols under “Disposal Method” suggest the best disposal procedure for each hazardous product listed. The following disposal symbols mean:
Pour down the drain with plenty of water. If you use a septic tank, take special caution. Read the product labels to determine if it will be harmful to your septic tank. If it is, take to the Household Hazardous Waste Program.
Place in the garbage.
Always try to use up or recycle the product first. If this is not possible, take to a Household Hazardous Waste Drop Site, find vendors at the Spokane Waste Directory or call the Recycling Information Hotline at 509-477-6800.

Hazardous Materials & Alternatives in the Workshop

Type of WasteDisposal MethodAlternative/Tips
Chemistry setChoose less hazardous experiment sets
Fiberglass and epoxy resins
Glue with SolventIf dried out, put in garbage, if liquid, bring to HHW drop site. Choose water-based glues.
Gun cleaner
Paint – latexIf unable to use up or give away, take to a Hazardous Household Waste site. Small amounts (1” or less in can) allow to solidify and place in trash.
Paint – oil basedUse latex or other water based paints. Call the recycling hotline for an info sheet on this topic.
Paint stripper with solventUse heat gun and scraper to remove paint. Alkali type paint removers are available. A strong trisodium phosphate solution (1 pound to 1 gallon hot water) may do the job. Wear rubber gloves! Brush on, wait 30 minutes, then scrape off. Call the Recycling Hotline for an info sheet on this topic.
Paint thinner / turpentineAllow paint particles to settle; strain and reuse. Use latex paints and stains. Call the Recycling Hotline for an info sheet on this topic.
Photographic chemicals (unmixed)
VarnishUse shellac, tung oil, or linseed oil.
Wood preservativeUse borax based products. Never use creosote, pentachlorophenol, or arsenic. When possible, use decay resistant woods, such as cedar, redwood, or “plastic wood”.
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