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Leaks & Drips

Did you know that a dripping faucet that runs at a rate of one drip per second wastes 3156 gallons a year. That is enough water to fill 63 bathtubs to the top. Imagine if every home in Spokane had a dripping faucet! Millions of gallons of water would be lost.

A leak the size of a pinhead can waste 360,000 gallons of water a year. That is enough water to fill 20 average sized backyard pools.

Use your meter to check for leaks.

If you want to check your home for leaks choose a time of day when no water will be used. Record your water meter reading. Make sure no one in your home uses any water. Check the meter again in a few hours. If the meter has changed at all you have a leak. If you find you have a leak, call a leak detection company to have it repaired as soon as possible.

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