SAJB develops and maintains a regional potential contaminant source inventory (PCSI) database. Under current Washington State Department of Health regulations for wellhead protection WAC 246-290-135, every two years water purveyors are required to notify potential contaminant sources (businesses) that are located within defined wellhead protection areas. This is a reminder of the business location over the Aquifer, and the need to protect it.  Below is a copy of the PCSI letter and business resources insert mailed by SAJB to identified businesses in 2014.

2014 SAJB PCSI Business Letter

2014 SAJB PCSI Business enclosure

Your business may be eligible for recognition and EnviroStars Certification if you properly dispose of and manage hazardous and other wastes.  For EnviroStars certification questions call 509-847-4337 or read about Spokane EnviroStars Certification.



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