Virtual Field Trips

The virtual field trips are designed to educate students about the Aquifer and the need to protect our sole source of drinking water. Students will gain an increased awareness and education about our ground water source, the aquifer, and provide information about protecting this precious resource. Exploration and self-guided learning are encouraged. Students will come away with ideas for actively protecting this resource.

The virtual nature of these trips will save precious budget funds, travel time, and eliminate weather delays. You can take these trips in any season, and return as often as you like as they’re available 24/7. The Water Conservation and Aquifer field trips include two versions, elementary for grades 1-4, and middle school for grades 5-8. Both virtual field trips assist in meeting National Standards (list provided with trips). Washington State EALRs are also identified for each trip.

Learn about

  • the hydrologic cycle
  • ground water aquifers
  • the Ice Age floods & geologic results
  • how water is used
  • water-related poetry and art
  • effects of urbanization, and
  • so much more!



Adventures of Aqua Duck

And the Aquifer Protection Team: Otto, Aqua Duck, Mallory and Buck