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Ty Wick – Lifetime of Water Stewardship Recognition

Ty Wick was honored on March 17, 2017 at the Spokane River Forum H2O Breakfast for 40 plus years of dedication to safe drinking water . Ty is the first recepient of the SRF Water Stewardship Recognition.  Below is a copy of Ty’s remarks. Let us all remember and continue the work of Ty and others who have worked to protect the aquifer so our children and their children will continue to have safe drinking water.



I am humbled and honored to be recognized today for my role in protecting our amazing aquifer that is the sole source of drinking water in this region.

However, any successes that may have been realized through these efforts were the result of many people coming together that shared the same goals and were willing to work cooperatively towards achieving outcomes that would benefit the greater community.

It has been my experience that all of us working together can accomplish great things in the most cost effective and efficient manner that likely could not even be conceived, let alone attempted, by single individuals or lone entities. 

It is my hope and plea that you continue this mission to protect and preserve this precious resource, for it simply cannot be replaced.

                                                                                             Ty Wick

Ty was also recognized by the Idaho Washington Aquifer Collaborative (IWAC) for his role as a founding member. IWAC President, Dan Kegley presented Ty with a plaque on March 15, 2017.

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