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DRAFT Instream Flow

Preliminary  Draft for Public Comment  - Ecology  is requesting    input  from affected  stakeholders  and the  public  on this  preliminary  draft  rule  language.   Ecology will  not  prepare   written responses  to  the  input  received  on this  early  version   of the  rule.     Ecology will  prepare   written   responses   to the comments  received  after  the  proposed   rule  language   is filed  with  the  State  Code Reviser.  Download the entire document for the full text. Below are overviews of the proposed new language in the WAC sections. Continue reading…

SAJB Recognized for Protecting Drinking Water

Spokane Aquifer Joint Board Recognized for Protecting Drinking Water


The American Water Works Association (AWWA) selected the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board (SAJB) as the 2014 recipient of an AWWA National Source Water Protection AwardNews Release  Award Letter Continue reading…

The Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer

Designated as a “sole source” aquifer in 1978 by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.  ‘Sole Source” means that the aquifer is our only affordable source of drinking water in a bi-state region serving drinking water to more than 500,000 people every day.

The Spokane Aquifer Joint Board is dedicated to protecting this sole source, through our Wellhead Protection Program and through citizen education and awareness. Visit our About page to learn more about us.

Part of our wellhead protection efforts involve our participation in the Aquifer Protection Council (APC) and the Idaho Washington Aquifer Collaborative (IWAC). The APC is comprised of private and government agencies committed to protecting groundwater quality in the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. The IWAC is a collaborative of Idaho and Washington drinking water and reclaimed water purveyors. Our organizations are working together to protect water througout the aquifer and river system, now and for generations to come.

“Don’t Pollute Our Water. It’s Beneath You!”

Follow the Adventures of Aqua Duck and the Aquifer Protection Team

Otto, Aqua Duck, Mallory and Buck

Upcoming Events

  • IWAC
    Starts: 1:30 pm
    Ends: August 12, 2014 - 3:30 pm
    Location: Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District
    Description: Idaho and Washington Water Purveyors meet for regional discussion to protect the SVRP Aquifer.
  • Millwood Daze
    Starts: 8:00 am
    Ends: August 23, 2014 - 3:00 pm
    Location: Millwood, WA, United States
    Description: 5 K run and the largest red wagon race in the state.
  • NO SAJB Meeting Due to Summer Recess
    Starts: 1:30 pm
    Ends: August 28, 2014 - 3:00 pm
    Location: Spokane County Water District # 3 Located at 1225 N. Yardley Street, Spokane, WA 99212
    Description: 21 Water Districts meet on the 4th Thursday of the month to collaborate on projects and studies that protect our aquifer and drinking water. SAJB does not meet in the months of June, July and August. Regular Meetings resume in September.
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